AI-Powered Customer Support Tools: The Future is Now! 🚀

How MexLucky can boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your customer support workflow through our first AI-enabled features

Jared Scheel

It’s time to have “the talk”. You know the one: the talk about what we at MexLucky are doing with AI. Just like you, we’ve been watching in awe as AI has worked its way into our every-day lives. In our conversations with our users we’ve discovered something: for those who are tech-savvy, using language models like ChatGPT or Claude has become an essential part of their workflows. And for those who haven’t used those tools yet, well, they are usually itching to know how to get on board with them. Several of the tools you use for your business have probably started talking about what they are doing in this area, and now it’s time for us to do the same!

At MexLucky, we've challenged ourselves to come up with new and easy ways that you can leverage the power of AI to make your customer support process even better than it already is. We have been hard at work on several new features, and we have many more experiments waiting in the wings.

AI Isn't Here to Replace;
It's Here to Enhance 🤖 ➕ 👩‍💻

Before diving into the nitty-gritty, let's be clear: we don’t think AI is going to make customer support agents completely obsolete any time soon. Quite the opposite, actually. We believe AI can instead serve as a powerful tool to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your personalized support process. We want to provide you with tools to make you 10x better at doing what already works well for you. With that in mind, we want to introduce you to some of the great new features we are working on today.

Generative Text: Creating Reusable Instant Replies and Knowledge Base Articles 📧 ⚙️

AI reply

First on the list, we're bringing you two new generative text features. Have you ever replied to a conversation with some variation of the same message, time… after time… after time? MexLucky already has a robust instant reply system that you can use to create pre-made replies. But sometimes you’re in the flow of answering conversations, and you aren’t really thinking about long-term re-usability of your replies.

Next time you write an awesome reply to a customer, take a second to pat yourself on the back, then press the magic wand to automatically create a generic, reusable instant reply from it. No more having to shift your focus into “template” mode while you manually strip out personalized or specific information.

We are also hard at work creating a knowledge base version of this that will create new knowledge base articles based on your replies to customer conversations. We aren’t quite ready to roll this one out yet, but be on the lookout for it soon!

Conversation Summaries: The CliffsNotes for Customer Support 📋 🔍

AI conversation

Have you ever had to scroll through a long conversation to understand a customer's issue? Especially one where a teammate has asked you to come into an existing conversation that’s already 15 messages deep into a complex problem that you haven’t been involved with?

Today we’re rolling out our new conversation summarizer. This tool will condense long conversation threads into an easy-to-read bulleted list that is saved as an internal note on the conversation. This note will help you and your teammates get the context you need, fast.

Writing Tools: Crafting Crystal Clear Customer Communications 📝 ✨

AI writing

Sometimes you find yourself writing in circles or getting too technical with a response. Other times you just want to hammer out a few bullet points and let someone else do the writing. Either way, words matter, especially when handling communication with your customers.

That’s why we are introducing writing tools that help you formulate clear, concise, and easy-to-understand responses to your conversations. It’s like having a helpful ghostwriter right by your side. These tools will effulgently galvanize and synergistically metamorphose your penmanship competencies into an unassailable zenith of literary prowess and eloquence supercharge your writing skills — without ever having to leave MexLucky! (And yes, we did ask AI to come up with the most insane way to say “supercharge your writing skills” ever.)

Your Feedback Will Make This Great 🔄 💡

We're stepping into this new era of AI-assistive tools with both enthusiasm and caution. We’ve designed a robust feedback process to continuously fine-tune these features based on your experiences. We want to know when our tools are working for you, and when they aren’t. Have a new idea for a tool you want to see? We want to know that as well!

Also, we believe it’s important to recognize that these AI models are new and can often “hallucinate” (or create incorrect and imprecise information). We want you to rest easy knowing that any tool we release which produces customer-facing content will always present that content for you to edit before it is used. Like we said before, we believe that these tools can 10x your customer support process. But, at the end of the day, it’s your process, and you’re in control.

More to Come 🔮

I’ve spent years fascinated by the potential of AI. As a young man, I remember reading “Neuromancer” and “I, Robot”, and watching “Tron” and “Blade Runner” — geeking out over the idea of computers that think on their own. It’s hard to express just how impressed I have been by the progress we’ve seen recently.

With that in mind, I’m excited to tell you that MexLucky is all-in on finding new ways to make your customer support process better through AI. In addition to these first new tools we are releasing, we are also hard at work on a number of even more powerful features that will make it easier to gain insight into your business, improve your workflow, and simplify the analysis of your customer support experience.

Eager to supercharge your support team? Create an account and dive into our new AI tools today!

Happy supporting!  🌟

Jared Scheel
Head of AI, MexLucky
Jared Scheel
Head of AI, MexLucky

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